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James Steven Martin

Photographer / GFX Artist / Editor

I am a creative individual that is based on the East Coast of England in Frinton-on Sea. I focused primarily on Surrealism and Mystery during the course of my previous A level work. I have spent the past three years exploring different themes in the beautiful world of Photography, taking any additional opportunities to branch out and build upon updating my portfolio, for the interest of following a artistic career path into Photography. I have developed my own body of work outside of my A-levels, taking on street life and portraiture for the last year or so. I have worked alongside Becky Longs Photography, being her assistant in wedding photography, which greatly increased my confidence working well with others. I have met some delightful people along the way that have been able to make me work even harder, with their innovative ideas and perspectives that are all diverse from one another, being creative and dynamic in their own light, overall with the intention of pushing my work to extraordinary limits. 

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