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                 Pricing Guidelines

Standard Prices

Hourly Rate - ¬£15.00 (Minimum Session 2 Hours)

Collaborations are available with models, depending on their experience I will work for free but this can differ with different people. If the location is e.g. London distance wise, I will need travel expenses covered which would be an average of £30. I would not charge an hourly fee and would be available for a long shoot day if you wanted to for free of charge :)

Drone Photography will not be charged hourly, instead they will be charged via amount of photographs you choose to buy, sold at an agreed price via myself and the client

Wedding Photography can be discussed with a different pricing guideline due to the type of work - see contact page

All photoshoot edits will be shared with my clients in an album via Client proofing, which would be password protected. If this is a problem, the best and most convenient way of sharing the edits, will be discussed with the customer. 

Payment via Paypal Email - Jsmgfx@aol.co.uk